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Friday, June 20

Michael –

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Thursday, June 19

Dee –

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Wednesday, June 18

Ashley – We are now staying at the Dublin Hostel tonight. In the morning we got up at 8 to eat breakfast and to pack our sack lunches and get ready to go on out walking tour around Dublin at 10a. Off we go. We got to see some really cool buildings. I don’t remember the names of them, but I do remember Trinity College. After we were done with the tour, we went back to our hostel and a few of us went to the store to find TimTams (a cookie discovered in Australia). When we got there, we all went up and down all the aisles to find them. All of a sudden Chelsea N screams out loud ‘I found one!’. She was so excited. After we were done, we all went back to the hostel to eat lunch. Sarah Jo and I went up to our room to eat because we were so tired; after we ate, we went to sleep. Brittany came up around 3p to ask us if we wanted to go shopping. Sarah Jo went and I stayed because I was so tired and wasn’t feeling well. At 5p, I had to get up and fix supper. After supper, some people went out again. Later, Theresa told us to go to be bed, so we all went upstairs and took showers. Some of the girls didn’t go to bed right away. Some of us got on a bed and were talking. Mary Ann came gave us some snacks and we were pigging out. She told us to be quiet, so we wouldn’t get into trouble. I love you, Mary Ann!

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Tuesday, June 17

Sarah Jo – Today we were on the bus forever but we have our amazing bus driver Victor!  He shows us all about the land of Ireland.  We are all tired but just happy to be here.  Well on our way to Cork, we sang on the bus and are excited to stay with people who we hear are really nice.

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Monday, June 16

Joe W. – We started our day with a few songs before boarding the bus to leave for Killarney. Nothing worth mentioning happened on the bus. Once in Killarney, we visited several castles. For dinner, we had Irish Stew which was made by our amazing bus driver, Victor!

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Sunday, June 15

Cassie M. – Today was fun because we had a performance in Cobh (pronounced “Cove”). The mayor came and we took a picture with him. Afterward we went to the Queenstown Museum. We learned about Ireland’s potato famine, emigration to America, and the Titanic. After that we had the rest of the day with our hosts. Lydia and I went walking around Cork city with our host mom.

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Saturday, June 14

Peter – Today was Blarney Castle. It was pretty cool; the grounds there were pretty and green. Everyone kissed the stone laying on their backs. We walked around there for a couple of hours and went into a cave beneath the castle, I thought it was fun. Afterwards everyone went to look at their pictures of themselves kissing the stone, the pics were taken by the castle camera. I didn’t like my picture at all so I didn’t buy it.

After that the group visited the Blarney Woolen Mills. Everyone shopped and looked around for 2-3 hours and went to our host homes for a couple of hours. That evening was a barn dance/BBQ, only there wasn’t really a barn. There was a lot of food; I was already near full from one of the many meals from my host family. I stuffed myself anyway. We all danced for out Irish audience and they all confused us with some of their dances. It was fun though, everybody enjoyed it.

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Friday, June 13

Wendy – We traveled all morning then stopped at the Rock of Cashel for lunch.

We got back on the bus again then said goodbye to victor, our bus driver at five when we arrived in Cork to meet out host families. We spent the evening with them, and then spent the rest of the night at Buckley’s Pub where Andrew and Becca played music and the boys danced Rapper.

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Thursday, June 12

Brittany – Today was kind of insane! We (Sarah Jo, Ashley and myself) woke up 20 minutes before we were supposed to be leaving and being rushed always put a damper on someone’s morning.  However, all of that was put to rest when we arrived at Giants Causeway!  It was absolutely amazing.  I don’t believe I’ve ever seen anything as beautiful (I really do wonder how those rocks were formed).  Afterwards we got to experience something else… MRE’s!  For those of you who don’t know, MRE stands for Meal Ready to Eat. It was very interesting.  I don’t know what was more interesting, trying to figure out how to get them to cook, or the contents of the packages!

Today we also got to cross the rope bridge (don’t exactly remember where that was) but it was so high off the ground!  The wind was also blowing so I basically saw my life flash before me eyes.  We FINALLY arrived at the hostel (12 hours from when I woke up)!  We went out to eat at  a 50’s themed burger joint.  Its was pretty fun and overall it was a very eventful day.


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Wednesday, June 11

Lydia and Dana – We all got up at 6a to shower and get ready for the day.  By 7:30, we had eaten our breakfasts and had our luggage in the common room.  A lady from St. Louis was in our hostel and watched us get ready to leave.  While waiting for the bus we sang rounds and different songs from Dance School.  When the bus arrived we loaded quickly and were off.  We stopped at a castle that had slits for windows.  These slits were used to drop stones and boiling water onto attackers. New we saw the famine walls.  These were built by families that had been banished to the wastelands of Ireland to work and die.  There was no purpose to the walls besides punishment.  In ancient times a portal tomb was built encasing 23 men, women, and children.  This tomb was made by balancing a slab on top of two pillar-like stones.  We saw W.B. Yeats’ tomb at St. Patrick’s Cathedral on our way to Donegal, with his famous epitaph:  “Cast a cold eye, on life, on death. Horseman pass by”.  We are now above Donegal in a very nice and modern hostel.  Out our windows we have a beautiful view of mountains topped with clouds.  And an overlook that covers a town; lots of sheep.


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