Posted by: bfd08 | June 15, 2008

Friday, June 13

Wendy – We traveled all morning then stopped at the Rock of Cashel for lunch.

We got back on the bus again then said goodbye to victor, our bus driver at five when we arrived in Cork to meet out host families. We spent the evening with them, and then spent the rest of the night at Buckley’s Pub where Andrew and Becca played music and the boys danced Rapper.



  1. Hey Andrew,
    Don’t get too hooked on pubs! Not the Taylor thing.
    Your mom and dad gave Papa a surprise birthday party last night. It was a true surprise with sveral from the college dept where I taught, a semi-lonely Uncle Frank, neighbors, Tarters, etc. We even had a good time stateside. And two of Dave VanDellen’s cakes, carrot and chocolate were present, but left before the guests.

    Love to you, Peter and the rest.

  2. So what has been the favorite food of the trip! Can’t wait to see the pictures when everyone gets home. Whats the temperature like there now? Glad everyone is getting the opportunity to be with the local residents. Keep having fun, enjoy the moments for good memories!

  3. Nice.

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